Monday, June 08, 2009


The history of the band goes back into the 70's, and this is their new album. After a short break for a couple of years, original band members Troy brothers, are back once again, with a new line up. What stayed the same though is the style of music, with the band playing a very interesting and catchy style. Blending AOR, bits of Classic Metal and NWOBHM, and tons of melodies, Praying Mantis managed to create a noticeable album, something that will please both old and new fans. Melodic songs, with warm vocals, memorable choruses and parts easy to sing along, are the key elements of this album, and the ones that make it very easy for the listener. But besides that, there are many things to discover, with a closer and more cautious listening. Wisely used keyboard lines add a depth to the whole album, while the songwriting is excellent, with no weak moments, or things that could have been done better. The production is also moving to the same high level, completing a very good release in the best possible way. If you like the work of the band so far, or you are into AOR and Melodic Metal in general, then this album is one of those you should check out.


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