Monday, July 13, 2009

CHRIS CAFFERY - House Of Insanity

This is the fourth solo album of the artist, an artist that is mostly known for his Savatage/Trans Siberian Orchestra work, although he has participated into numerous projects and bands as well. After a cautious listening, the listener will find many things to like, but also a few things that might dislike as well. Musically, the album is closer to what a Savatage album was, although still on the path of his personal style and touch. What might sound odd, is the way Caffery sings, some might like it, others might not. Maybe he is not the most gifted vocalist, but manages to give a very unique, and kind old school feeling to the songs. The music here is well written, melodic, and heavy, and has an old school groove. The guitar work somehow dominates the whole album, something usual, but I am sure that no one will bother, since it's very good, with equal amount of aggression and melody. What we dig into this album, is the ease that Chris Caffery manages to create music that stick into the mind, and makes you sing along. In this case, more raw, without the epic choruses and riffing, but still, well performed and enjoyable. One of the most noticeable moments of the album is the duet with Zak Stevens. A hard choice though, one of those that one should hear and decide.


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