Monday, July 27, 2009

HAVOK - Burn

With just 5 years of existence but with enough fans all over the world, and music such as this one, it was no wonder why Candlelight decided to release Havok's debut album, Burn. The band from Colorado is playing Thrash Metal, not the way it was meant to be played, but the way it was played back in the 80's. With the main characteristic of their music being the razor-sharp guitar riffs, the screaming vocals, the strong rhythm section and the excellent melodies, it takes a few minutes to become an instant favorite. It's really hard to tell if this album was recorded back in 1986, or 23 years later, and without the shiny production, and some more modern elements here and there, it would be much harder. The vocals are the ones that a Thrash album should have, screaming and fitting perfectly with the style of the music, while the rhythm section simply kicks asses. What's more interesting though, is that the band is talented enough and manages to create songs that are diverse enough. The songs are catchy enough, suitable for live club performances, or banging your head along with the rhythm. One might say that the album is old-fashioned, and I wouldn't agree more. But it's so well performed, and brings back an 80's feeling that I found mostly welcome. An album that you should definitely check out.


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Anonymous said...

I really do dig this band, but they sound WAY too much like Metallica.