Saturday, July 25, 2009

NEW DEVICE - Takin Over

This is one of the pleasant surprises one has, when it comes to listening and reviewing new albums. The band here, comes from England, and this is their first album so far. But don't be mistaken, despite the fact that this is their first release, they are talented and experienced enough, something that is quite obvious from the first to the last minute. What the listener should expect, is top class Hard Rock, with vocal harmonies, excellent melodies, catchy choruses and memorable parts. Exactly the kind of music that was meant to be played loud, while driving or drinking beers with friends, or being enjoyed live at big stadiums. There are no weak moments here, or songs that could have been done in a better way, something that makes this album a good companion from the first moment. The music is well worked, and equally well performed, and has a way to sneak into your mind. There's variety in their music, with parts where the listener can sing along, parts where things are more slow and melodic, and times when things speed up. all these, used in the correct dose, leaving none unsatisfied. If you are into Classic Rock and Hard Rock, then this album has a lot to offer. Pick it up, play it loud and enjoy!


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