Sunday, August 16, 2009

AXXIS - Utopia

The new album of Axxis is out to serve a double purpose, to provide fans with a new album, and to celebrate 20 years of existence as a band. Fans of the music of Axxis will find many things to like on this one as well, while newcomers won't get disappointed as well. The band is playing Melodic Power Metal, performed the German way, with catchy tunes, many melodies, keyboards to enrich the songs, and noteworthy vocals. But that's not all, since the addition of backing female vocals on some songs, adds diversity to the whole album. The majority of the songs, are moving to the well known Axxis way, with "in you face" rhythm section, catchy choirs, and parts to sing along. There are also songs out of the ordinary, with more complex arrangements and backing female vocals, that are making the album even more fun to listen to. After cautious listening, the listener can't find something that could have been done in a better way, and this is something that works for an album. The guest appearance of artists like Andi Deris, Doro Pesch, and David Readman on an exclusive Digipak song, called, "20 YEAR ANNIVERSARY SONG", is also a nice addition. With a shiny clear production, and songs moving highly above the average, this album will become a favorite amongst Axxis fans, an album that friends of German Melodic Power should check out.


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