Sunday, August 16, 2009


Danger Danger is one of the bands that made a bing bang in the 80's with the so called "Hair Metal" style, and has later followed the fate of similar bands after the coming of Grunge. But talent never fades away, and the band found a way to come back, with the help of their fans who kept the flame alive. This is the latest release of the band, with original singer Ted Poley behind the mics, something that will please the fans of the band. Right from the first song, the band shows that there was no better way to celebrate 20 years since they started the band, than to release an album. An what an album it is. You want fast and groovy tunes, to sing along, and listening while driving? They have. Acoustic ballads with piano and strings? Sure. Songs talking about easy girls, about partying all night, about money and what one can do with them? There are also. The music that the band is playing is the what they have used us in the 80's, presented in a more mature way, but with the same fun and good mood. If you are a fan of the band, and you lived the mid 80's, or discover the band later, this is a release for you. It will wake memories, but also create new ones. Check it out.


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