Sunday, August 02, 2009

DIVINE HERESY - Bringer Of Plagues

Now, this is definitely one of the pleasant surprises a reviewer gets. It's really hard to describe what I felt right from the first song, a feeling that didn't leave me till the last minute. It's like a kick in the face, a gun blast in the stomach. Right from the first minute, this band from Los Angeles, attacks the listener with the most extreme, machine gun-like drumming you can imagine. An if you add an equally capable band, and a singer that fits perfectly with the music, you have the result. Metalcore it says on the newsletter says, but their music also contains tons of Thrash, Death, to make things even more spicy and interesting. The songs are all moving to the same fast tempo, with some mid tempo bridges here and there, with Thrashy riffing, a very solid rhythm section, clear and brutal backing vocals, all blended into a very interesting and definitely aggressive outfit. Impressive work has also been done from the vocalist, who manages to sing in various styles, from clear to high pitched screams and growls, with the same ease and quality. One can't help but wonder how this act would perform live. If you are into extreme stuff, then this is an album you should listen to.


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