Sunday, August 30, 2009

GWAR - Lust In Space

The history of GWAR starts back over 25 years ago, and this latest release is their 11th, if I am not mistaken, album so far. What started as a project, continued as a Thrash Metal outfit, with the outrageous costumes being their trademark. But, besides the unique and distinguished outfit, the band is playing music that has stayed true and above the average all those years. Not exactly a Thrash Metal album, but very close to it, blended with enough Classic Metal elements as well, and some slower and groovier tunes, this album manages to draw the attention of the listener from the first to the last minute. Groovy and catchy, with excellent guitar riffs, melodies that make the songs even more powerful and diverse, the majority of the songs of this album is moving on high quality levels. Despite the fact we didn't have access to the lyrics, it's not hard to figure out what they are talking about. Just take a look at the song titles and you get the point. The same, kinda perverted, but always welcome, sense of humor, must be the main thing that characterizes them. All in all, this album is fun, listening to it, and, most probably reading the lyrics as well.


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