Sunday, September 20, 2009

AT VANCE - Ride The Sky

The new album of At Vance is their 8th so far, and an album that continues the saga of the quality releases of the band. Behind At Vance is Olaf Lenk, an artist also known for his work with Zed Yago. This album is a logical step in the career of the band, with the songs moving on the same style and feel as their previous releases. All the trademarks are here, powerful and melodic songs, with excellent vocals, Neoclassical elements, catchy and memorable parts, and tons of moments to sing along and tap your feet. There is also a very interesting cover of Free's Wishing Well, and Vivaldi's Summer set 2. Another thing that the listener will like is the diversity of the album, since there are songs that are not moving on the same up-tempo high-speed Power Metal. The cover of Wishing Well is one of them, but experiments and things out of the ordinary can be found throughout the entire album. The rhythm section is moving on the usual high quality as with their previous releases, the vocals are excellent and the guitar work of Olaf Lenk is simply magnificent. Power Metal at it's finest moments, melodic, catchy, emotional and well performed. Need I say more?


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