Tuesday, September 29, 2009

NEVERCELL - Preaching Venom

Nevercell is a band that comes from Dubai, and exists since the dawn of the new millennium. The band is playing Death Metal, fast, aggressive, highly technical, and enriched with tons of Thrash Metal elements, something that makes their album even better. What's most important though is the melodies that are widespread into this recording, making it even more diverse. Their origin also leaves it's trademark into their music, making the album even more mind intriguing. The arrangements are good enough, with hardly a few less good moments that don't destroy the whole effort though, with a singer that growls like hell, and a rhythm section that simply kills. The songs have enough rhythm changes, but they all happen in a very fluent way, and don't become tiring at any time. Another interesting point is the sharp and edgy guitar riffs, and the melodic guitar solos. Maybe they don't have a series of albums to back them up, but the band exists for quite some time, and are talented. Talented enough to release an little jewel such as this. Check them out, and you won't regret it.


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