Sunday, September 20, 2009

RED CIRCUIT - Homeland

This is a band that comes from Germany and is playing music that is quite out of the ordinary for the German scene. This is their second album so far, and it seems that this band has all it takes to create music diverse and of good quality. They are playing Progressive and Power Metal, blended together into a very interesting style. The songs are catchy enough, but the band explores their ideas to the fullest. This leads to complex songs, with enough changes, but always with a main theme, and with each song progressing naturally. The talent and the experience of the band is obvious, not only in the composing but also in the performing area as well. The band has managed to create an album where Progressive and Power Metal co-exist, where complex songs live with more catchy, but also well worked, tunes. The production is another strong point of the album, clear and powerful enough, and helps the listener discovering all the hidden parts of the album. For sure an album that is catchy enough but also needs some more cautious listening to reveal it's secrets.


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