Sunday, October 11, 2009


Heavy Metal in general is far more than just a music genre, it's a whole philosophy and a way of living. From the early "easy girls, and fast cars" way of life, to the 90's Antichrist Black Metal scene, and all in between. There are plenty of bands around, and I am sure that there are even more, not familiar to us, but many with talented enough, waiting to become famous, or the next best thing. From time to time though, there are also works on this style of music, besides recordings that is, that sound intriguing enough, and raise an eyebrow. This is definitely one of those works. So, ever wonder how your favorite band, your most hated band, or some bands you just know their work, got their names? Ever wonder how they came up with those names, and what's the story behind it? What that strange band name means? Do did Blair Gibson, from Regina - Canada, who decided to find out. So, he practically gather responses from 500 band members, and enough of them are very interesting, and fun to read. In this book, I found bands I didn't know their existence, bands that were my favorite as a kid, and others whose work I discover as a reviewer. At the end of the book, Gibson, also put all the Internet addresses of each band, or band member. To me, it's a huge work. It takes time, and determination to do such a task, and the responses he got show that he has done something good. So, if this is fascinating enough, get in touch with Blair Gibson and get a copy for yourself. You can get it as a hard copy, or an e-book for a cheaper price.

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