Monday, November 09, 2009

BRAINSTORM - Memorial Roots

The new album of the German band is here, and for sure this is a release that won't disappoint anyone. Everything that made this band a favorite amongst Metal fans is here, but if you expect just another Power Metal album, then prepare for a surprise. This time, things are bit more serious, and are moving towards a more interesting direction. For sure, this is a Power Metal album, but the arrangements are a bit more slow this time, and closer to Heavy Metal, at times. Of course there are songs that are closer to Melodic Power Metal, but it seems that this time the band is trying to explore another dimensions with their music. Melodies are plenty and well implemented into the songs, the vocals of Andy Franck are excellent as always, and the rhythm section is as solid and as heavy as it should be. Whether it's fast and catchy, or it's slower but equally hard, the music of the album is always moving on the same high quality level, something that make this album, even more interesting and time resisting. There are no weak points here, or things that could have been done in a better way. A must have.


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