Monday, November 09, 2009

HELL CITY GLAMOURS - Hell City Glamours

This is definitely one of those albums that are recommended and promoted from mouth to mouth. Hailing from Australia, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Hell City Glamours. The band is playing from seven years now, the kind of Hard Rock that is fun to listen to, it's catchy and well performed, and top class from the first to the last minute. Bringing memories from Georgia Satellites, Black Crowes, Hanoi Rocks, Thin Lizzy, and various other bands, but really not copying anyone, the band has created an album ideal for listening with friends, while driving, or while drinking at your local bar. Of course, an album such as this, must have a couple of more slow songs talking about love and troubled affairs, and this not an exception. This album is really hard to define, and even hard to categorize. On the other hand, the music here is very good, enjoyable and well performed, and this is more important than any tag. Check them out, cause they are good at what they are doing.


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