Monday, November 30, 2009

HELLFUELED - Emission Of Sins

You are not gonna believe it, even if you told so, until you listen for yourselves. The singer here sounds like Ozzy, too much like Ozzy it makes you wonder. The band is playing Heavy Metal, distorted, full of energy, and very Heavy at times. Now add the Ozzy like vocals and you have the whole picture. The band comes from Sweden and this is their fourth release so far, if I am not mistaken. What I liked on this album is the way that they blend olfashioned ideas, with a fresh breeze of air, making something that has one leg in the 80's and one leg in modern times. I also liked very much the vocals, despite the resemblance, they are well worked, and fit perfectly with the style of the music. There are also enough melodies, which are working very well with the songs. The production is very good, as heavy as it could be, and gives a certain "dirty" feeling to the album. It's an interesting album I must say. Not a perfect album, but the band shows that it has talent and will release much more interesting things in the future. Check them out.


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