Monday, November 30, 2009

MOB RULES - Radical Peace

This is the new album of the Germans, their sixth full length so far and, and is one release that will please all fans of the band, while holding some surprises for everyone else as well. First of all, the style of the band is close to their previous releases, Power Metal at it's finest, only this time it's heavier than before. The trademarks of the band are still here, a very solid rhythm section, excellent vocals, enough well written melodies and parts to sing along, but on this album, everything sounds and feels a bit more heavy, as if the band wants to enrich their music with various influences and explore new music paths. Slower parts, excellent keyboards, and a touch of Epic into some of their songs, make things even more interesting. What's most impressive on this album is the 18 minute song dealing with the assassination of J.F.K. Diverse in all aspects, this album is definitely one of those that a Melodic Metal fan should check out. This album leaves a feeling that the band is on a continuous journey to new musical borders, something that makes it a must have. We all know that re-inventing the wheel is not always possible, but it's always nice to listen to artists that don't afraid to evolve, and add new things to their music.


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