Monday, February 08, 2010

CREMATORY - Infinity

Not much is left to say about Crematory, nor an introduction is needed about who they are and what's their story so far. This is the eleventh album of the German band, and still a very pleasant surprise. What has become a trademark in the sound of Crematory all those years can also be found here. The band managed to create an album that sounds fresh and inspired, with the perfect balance between melodies and aggression. With music containing equal amounts of Melodic Death Metal, and Gothic elements, the album is a fun to listen to, from the first to the last note. The music is catchy and melodic, dark and ominous at times, and with enough keyboards that stay in the background. This means that their songs are in a way continuing where Pray left. Growling and clear vocals are also excellent, and are used in every song. The band also experiments with some close to Thrash riffs on a song, and covers Depeche Mode's Black Celebration, which adds some extra credits to the album. All in all, this album is a worthy continuation of Pray, aggressive yet full of nice melodies and songs high above the average. With almost 20 years of existence, and an unquestionable talent, Crematory manage to create another milestone in their career. If you are a fan, or willing to become one, then check what they are offering.


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