Monday, February 08, 2010

WINTER'S VERGE - Tales Of Tragedy

A very pleasant surprise coming from Cyprus, is what we have here. Their story started back about six years ago, when George, the vocalist, tried to create a band that would make his vision in music come true. After name changes and a searching for fellow band mates, Winter's Verge was a reality. This is their third album so far, and their first on Massacre Records. The band is playing Power Metal, melodic and catchy, with strong and solid arrangements, and plenty of nice ideas. Their music is also spiced up with touches of Progressive and Epic, something that works very well for the album, giving the diversity needed to keep the listener's interest high until the end. The majority of the songs are up-tempo, fast and pompous, with parts to sing along, nice guitar and keyboard melodies, and amazing vocals. But along with that, there are also more complex arrangements, and mid tempo tunes, where the cautious listener will recognize the various influences of each band member. The production is clear and powerful enough, and completes the album in the best possible way. It's really hard not to like this album, not only because it's well performed, and well arranged, but also because the band has put their soul to the music. If you are a Power Metal fan, check them out.


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