Wednesday, March 17, 2010

FEAR FACTORY - Mechanize

Quite a few years have passed since their latest release, and it seems that this was not a hiatus, but rather a period of changes. Gene Hoglan is behind the drum set, something that almost everyone familiar with his work, will recognize almost instantly. The band continues to play the same inspired mixture of Death and Thrash Metal enriched with a lot of mechanic samples, something that gives a industrial feeling to their music. Dino Cazares is back on guitars, something that gives the album some of their original feeling. On the other hand, the band often enough slows down, to a more melodic style, where the clear vocals fit perfectly with the music. In fact this is when Burton C. Bell showcases his vocal capabilities to the maximum. Fans of the band waited for more than just a couple of years, and this album is somehow a redeem for the band, with hardly a few less good moments that could spoil the fun. Fast and angry, catchy and melodic at times, with excellent singing, machine-gun riffing, and a thunderous rhythm section, I really doubt if this will disappoint anyone. An album you can't afford to miss, specially if you are a fan.


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