Thursday, April 15, 2010

BIFROST - Heidenmetal

The band came to life in 2005 in Austria when two musicians, obviously inspired by the Norse Mythology, decided to create a group that would perform Pagan Metal. A lot of things have happened since, and here we are with their latest release, from Einheit Produktionen. Right from the first riff, the band shows that they are not kidding and know exactly what they want to play. Slow and sometimes close to ritualistic music transforms to mid tempo and high speed moments, while the band manages to create exactly the atmosphere that characterizes the whole album. The songs are well written, with nice ideas, which the band explores in a very interesting way. The addition of some strings other than guitars and bass to the music, gives a more old fashioned feeling which is very pleasant. On the other hand the songs are very catchy, and you will find yourself banging with the rhythm in no time. Another interesting thing are the vocals, harsh and close to Black sometimes, but fit perfectly with the music. A few less good moments do exist but don't spoil the fun in any way. The production is as clear and as powerful as it should be, and is another big plus for the whole album. An album with an excellent Pagan atmosphere, but on the other hand, as I can imagine, a band that would be fun to watch live, and drink a couple of (or much more) beers with friends. If you are into such music, or want to get to know it better, check them out.


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