Wednesday, April 07, 2010

CRASHDIET - Generation Wild

Crashdiet is a band that comes from Sweden, and exists for about a decade now. Generation Wild is their third album, and although I am not familiar with their previous two, I can say that this one is a highly enjoyable piece of Hard Rock. The band is playing a version of 80's Glam (or Hair if you like) Metal, with a more modern approach, but with the same kind of atmosphere and feeling, which is a big plus. The songs are well written, with tons of nice melodies, excellent vocals - one of the stronger points of the album, and parts that you can't help but move your head with the rhythm, or tap your feet with the groove. Of course as with every Glam album, a couple of slower moments do exist here, only to point out the vocal skills of Simon Cruz, or the nice guitar lines of Martin Sweet. The production is very good, clear and powerful and helps their music very much. If you are into this kind of music, and want to remember some of the old magic, with some headbanging, air guitaring, and singing along, then this album has what it takes. Well performed, well arranged, well produced. What more could anyone ask?


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