Wednesday, April 07, 2010

CRAZY LIXX - New Religion

This band comes from Malmo, Sweden, and exists for about 8 years now. Right from the first moment, the band shows that 80's was a very important music period for them and has influenced their music very much. So, about two decades after the original thing, here we are again, with a band that really loves what they do, and gives their hearts and energy into it. To perform this kind of Hard Rock, you have to create catchy songs, with memorable parts and melodies, songs that stick into your mind and make you whisper their tune over and over. Of course, add a certain amount of talent and musical skills, and here you go. Crazy Lixx have all that, and their album, their debut in Frontiers Records - a warm shelter of melodic bands, and second in general, is a reality. It would be unfair for them to be compared with the bands of the 80's, mostly because they are not mere copycats, but try to create something more personal. What they do copy though, is the feeling of the music, some of the atmosphere of this era, and this is a big plus of this album. All in all, there's great musicianship here, a couple of more melodic and touchy ballads, some harder but also sticky tunes, nice ideas, and "party" feeling widespread in the music. Name it Hair Metal, Sleaze, 80's Hard Rock, or whatever you like. But do check them out if you like this kind of music. They are good.


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