Wednesday, April 28, 2010

PRETTY MAIDS - Pandemonium

Every Metal fan that respects himself is familiar with this Danish act, so no need for introduction is needed. After 4 years, this is their latest release, through Frontiers Records, and surely an album that will please the fans of their early days. Right from the opening song, the music leaves an old school feeling, something I found very good. The listener will also recognize the unique combo of crunchy guitar riffs and killer keyboards introduced to their early years, specially on Future World. On the other hand, there are some more modern tunes, ideal for radio stations and listening while driving. The songwriting is very good, with no less good or indifferent moments, and the band has managed to explore their ideas as far as possible. The production is close to perfection, crystal clear, as heavy as it should be and helps the music very much. What I liked on this album is the diversity, and the old school feeling it left me. The way keyboards supported the rhythm section, and the ease that the band moved from slow and melodic to harder songs. This album is a travel in time, back and forth, and for this I suggest it to everyone.


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