Thursday, April 15, 2010

RAINTIME - Psychromatic

This Italian band is very interesting, something that became obvious from reading the newsletter. This is their third album so far, if I am not mistaken, and their second in Lifeforce Records. According to the info we got with the album, the band is combining the Melodic Death Metal, along with some progressive elements. So, I was expecting a more complex approach to the music that comes from the Swedish scene, but that was not all. The music here is much more melodic and catchy, although the band gears up and hardens their sound whenever they want. The vocals are mostly clear but there is a very interesting addition of some semi-brutal moments here and there, which, surprisingly enough, makes the songs even more catchy and fun to listen to. Another strong point of the album is the excellent guitar melodies, either on the solos or in the basic riffs, and the keyboards which create the perfect atmosphere. The band is quite skilled and technical enough, something that can be heard in the complexity of the songs, and the songwriting as well. Fun and melodic, aggressive at times, full of energy, but also catchy and with no less good moments, this album is a pleasant surprise. Do check them out.


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