Monday, May 03, 2010

PRO-PAIN - Absolute Power

I was always fond of Pro-Pain, considering that energy and power were the characteristics of their sound. So, given the usual style of the band, and an album with such a title, was enough to intrigue me. Featuring a new guitarist, and a new drummer, and considering that I haven't heard their last work, this album seems to find the band in the same top shape as ever. Performing their well known mixture of Thrash and Hardcore, a style groovy and aggressive enough, the band returns with an album that justifies it's title. The songs are heavy enough, the guitar riffs are melodic and edgy, the rhythm section sounds like a heavy machine, and the vocals are simply perfect. Like all Pro-Pain albums, the songs are very catchy, and have a very sticky groove that makes you bang your head with the rhythm. On the other hand, I found welcome some semi-brutal vocals here and there, and some blastbeating moments, which add some more heaviness, and make things even more interesting. The production is very good, as heavy as it should be, and clear enough, and was done by V.O. Pulver, than the band themselves. There's also a guest appearance from Schmier, but also from other artists as well. This album is a must have for a Pro-Pain fan, but also a guarantee for numerous headbanging hours.


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