Sunday, May 30, 2010

SPELLBLAST - Battlecry

This is the second release of the Italian band, following the 2007 release of their debut "Horns Of Silence". The band is playing Power Metal, although they don't follow some of the trademarks one could think they would. What makes them different is the use of more traditional instruments, such as accordion or violins, which gives a more folk touch to their music. If you count this, the Epic atmosphere of the music, and the concept that is based on the Norse mythology, you get the whole picture. Plus, the guest appearance of Fabio Lione, is also a big plus to the already good vocals, and gives some extra good points to the result. The songs are very good, some closer to Epic and folk, and others closer to the classic Power Metal forms, with enough keyboard lines, and great guitar melodies. The production is good enough, and was done from the band themselves. In conclusion, the album is good enough, having some basic Power Metal forms, and leaving room for the band to explore their music as much as possible. The use of the instruments mentioned above, only makes things better, and enriches the Epic atmosphere the band wants to achieve. So, if you are a fan or well played music, then check them out.


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