Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Fans of Primal Fear have every right to be excited, since this latest release is a package containing a DVD which was recorded between September and November 2009, and a live CD which was recorded in Atlanta, New York and Los Angeles during their last tour in the US. 
Since the DVD is not in our hands, we are going to talk about the CD here, but trust me, it's a noteworthy release by itself. Covering various eras of their career, with the audience participating and screaming with every given chance, it's obvious that the band had a good time there. The choice of songs is excellent, but still many favorites have been left out. Once again Ralf Scheepers amazes by his incredible vocal skills, and his high-pitched Halford-like screaming is very convincing. The same high quality level can also be heard from the rest of the musicians as well, proving the talent and skills of the band. Production that closes to perfection leaves room for both the music, and the feeling of the audience, and captures enough of the spirit of this live. If you were lucky enough to be on those shows, or want to get a small idea of what a Primal Fear live show sounds like, then don't miss this out.


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