Monday, June 07, 2010


The band with the rather unique name, comes from Pennsylvania, and this their second album so far, after their successful 2008 release, Monuments. The band is playing a mixture of Heavy Metal with enough Metalcore elements, a mixture aggressive and powerful enough, right from the first to the last minute. Brutal and harsh vocals, along with excellent guitars, and a very solid rhythm section are the main characteristics here. But, to spice things up, they have incorporated plenty of melodies here and there, some clear vocals, and enough catchy parts, and this makes the result even more complicated, but always fun to listen to. The fact that the band is in great shape is obvious from the quality of the songs, where no indifferent moments exist, and things have been done in the best possible way. What's more amusing though, is that the songs are full of surprises, and the band seems to constantly seeking ways to bring the unexpected to the listener. Fast and melodic music, perfectly balanced between aggression and melody, with a catchy feeling, and memorable parts, that's what the listener might expect from this album. Add to all this a very good production, and you can understand why this is the perfect continuation of their very good debut.


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