Tuesday, June 22, 2010

VINCE NEIL - Tattoos & Tequila

It has been quite a while since the last solo album of Vince Neil was released, 15 years to be more exact. This is the latest release of this highly acclaimed and respected artist. 
This new album contains 9 songs carefully picked and two new tracks, but every tune bears the trademark of the artist. While respecting the original, Vince Neil manages to make them sound like old-time favorites, giving them some of the "street feeling" the Motley Crue songs have. So, take songs from Scorpions, Sweet, ZZ TOP, Elvis, just to name a few, and alter them just enough to give you the feeling of the Motley Crue songs, and you get the result. Of course, besides the singer, a great job has also been done by the rest of the band as well. There's not a single moment where things could have been done better, or songs that sound indifferent. One of the songs that is not a cover is a very powerful ballad, "Another Bad Day", written back in 2000 by Nikki Sixx, and the title song which has a more modern rock n roll attitude. The production is powerful and clear enough and was done by Vince Neil, Jack Blades and Marti Frederiksen. If you are a fan of Vince Neil, you will like this album. It's raw, dirty and dangerous, smells liquor and cheap women perfume, and is a good ride on the wild side.


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