Tuesday, July 20, 2010


This is the third album of the band which comes from India, and their first in Candlelight. Not familiar with their sound before hearing this, I was quite skeptical, but really soon, all my worries went away.
The band is playing a very brutal mixture of Death and Black Metal, which in my opinion is closer to Death than to Black, despite the claim of the newsletter that came with the album. What raises an eyebrow here, is the ability of the band to combine influences, one would think as strange to the genre, and creating music that bears their personal touch. So, the listener will find moments closer to Power Metal, songs with strong keyboard lines and Blackish vocals, that bring a more majestic touch to the music, and ritualistic parts here and there to spice things up. The rhythm section is close to perfect, with the work that has been done in the drums needing a special mention. But, and equal good job has been also done in all the vocals, both the brutal, the screaming, and the back ones, giving variety to the album, and leaving no room for less good moments. What's amazing is the ease that the band crosses from slow and melodic intros to blast-beating songs and back, without losing on power or energy. The majority of the songs are complex in structure, but contain enough melodies, and this makes them even more catchy. What a way to celebrate a decade of existence. Great job guys.


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