Monday, July 12, 2010

KISSIN' DYNAMITE - Addicted To Metal

Debut albums often hold surprises, and so do some sophomore releases. Kissin Dynamite is a young band and this is their second release so far. The band is from Germany, which means that they are playing Heavy Metal, with a rhythm section that is simply awesome.
The most important thing of this album is that the band seems to have a great time performing their music, and it's spread throughout the whole album. The songs are fast and catchy, often close to what German Power Metal is, with killer melodies, memorable vocal tunes and choirs. There are also a lot of parts to sing along, and follow the rhythm, something that makes the album even better. On the other hand, there are some slower moments, where the band shows their skills and the singer his vocal capabilities, in a different style of performing. A listener will find influences from both the Painkiller era of Judas Priest and Accept, and the fact that UDO is lending some vocals on the opening track shows that the band has a promising future. The clear and powerful production gives the final but still important touch to the music. Talent, inspiration, and excellent performance all can be found into this album. If you are into that style of music, then check them out.


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