Sunday, August 29, 2010


The story of the Finnish band starts back in 2002, when Burning Point guitarist, Pete Ahonen decided to form a side project. So this is the second album of this band, following their debut released over six years ago. Their music can be described as Neoclassical Power Metal, with high pitched vocals, great guitar melodies, and memorable parts. But there's more to this album than that.
There's complexity in the arrangements, and plenty of nice ideas that band explores in a very fluent way. Music that sticks into the mind, great vocals and parts that you can sing along, excellent guitar and keyboard melodies, all the right ingredients are here for the perfect recipe. What impresses more is that the band is quite talented in the song writing as well, and this leads to an album with absolute no fillers or indifferent songs. Each song has is own dynamic, and has a way to make you participate, and sing along, including the ballad of the album. The production is as good as it should be, clear and powerful enough, and helps the listener enjoy some of the details of the songs. So, if you are a Power Metal fan, who appreciates melodic music, vocals that can perform well either high or low, great musicianship, and killer melodies, this album is for you. After all, the origin of the band, and their music experience assure the result. A highly enjoyable album indeed.



mika said...

Couldn´t agree more! This is easily most talented band in europe, if not the WORLD! Love this! Pete is a great songwriter/guitarist and singer.
Mr. Laiho sings strong! Fu**in´awsome!! :D

Victor said...

I was familiar with the Burning Point work, but Mr Laiho was a surprise. Makes you wanna trace back and dig more of his work :)