Thursday, August 19, 2010

New album from Made Of Hate

On August 27th Made Of Hate will release thier 2nd album entitled "Pathogen". Just as the debut album ("Bullet In Your Head") three new record will be released worldwide with cooperation with AFM Records.
On "Pathogen" fans will get eight new songs which equals fourty minutes of music.
As band members explain "this music is much better, complex and well arranged compared to "Bullet In Your Head". Songs are more mature, heavier and pristine both in power and expression". Of course, once again one of the birghtest points on the album are melodies and solos by Mike Kostrzyński. It's become a real trademark for the band. New feaure in Made Of Hate is slight change on the lead singer position. Radek, who previously played rhythm guitar took the lead vocals to completely new level. "This was he best to happen, because now we can do a lot more crazy ideas especially with the vocal lines. Now our sound is tight and vocals are wilder and stronger as much as they became more melodic!". Mike's vocal took place on the backing vocal area giving the album extra thrills!
After success of debut album Polish metallers want to gain even more attention and make a little more noise. As they say, supporting Iron Maiden for 30 000 fans was just a begininng and there is more to come!

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