Monday, August 30, 2010

WOLFCRY - Glorious

This is the fourth album of the Greek band, and their first one in Painkiller Records. The band exists since 1992, and they are playing Power Metal, enriched with enough Epic elements, but also a more personal touch. Right from the start, the listener will notice that the bands stronger point is the rhythm section, which simply kills. Heavy drumming, and a solid rhythm guitar and bass section, are the bases of this album.
On top of it, there excellent guitar melodies, nice keyboard lines, and very interesting vocals. The music here is inspired, with no less good, or indifferent moments, or things that left an incomplete feeling to the listener. Everything is well worked, every little detail is taken care of, and the result is an album that will please the fans of the genre. One can hear their influences, a bass line here, or a melody there, but they are so well implemented into the songs, that won't mind anyone. The vocals are also good, either singing high or low, clear and a bit more aggressive, and the addition of some female ones, gives a more interesting touch to a very good song. The production is as clear as it should be, but not too shinny to destroy the feeling of the music. An album that will keep your heads banging for quite some time. Check them out.


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