Thursday, September 30, 2010

RAUNCHY - A Discord Electric

This is the fifth album of the band from Denmark, and their music is an interesting mixture of various Metal styles, enriched with some non Metal and Pop influences. Surprisingly enough, the music is very interesting, despite the constant experimenting, and the moments where the band explores forms not so close to Metal. All this because the songs are very melodic, and the members are quite talented to deliver what they promise. Synths are important here, and give a special feeling to the songs, while the rhythm section is solid enough to create a very nice contradiction. Vocals that move from clear to almost Deathlike, are also a big plus on this album. Really hard to categorize, the band has managed to create songs, that stand out of the ordinary, with influences that sometimes sound really hard to combine, but always with a very solid and heavy base. Not an easy album, although the songs are quite catchy, with a lot of experimenting, and tons of things to discover with a more cautious listening. The production is clear enough, suitable for this kind of music, and helps the listener discover all the hidden details of the album. An album full of nice music, that aims to the open minded Metal fan. Check them out.


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