Thursday, October 14, 2010

ALLEN/LANDE - The Showdown

Five years have passed since the first collaboration for the two well known artists, and their third record is finally on our hands. If you expected something different from their previous two albums, you will be disappointed. The band is moving on the same trusted recipe, and delivers an album that will bring chills down your spine. All songwriting was done by Magnus Karlsson, while the excellent vocals of both Russel Allen, and Jorn Lande, are somehow dominating the whole album from the first to the last minute, but also leave space for the melodies as well. The music is catchy, well performed, with parts to participate, memorable melodies, and a sticky groove. The production is as clear as it should be, but this time is a bit heavier than in their previous releases, and points out every detail of the album. As a result, this time, their magnificent blend of Melodic Metal and Hard Rock, is heavier than before, but still contains all the characteristics of their previous releases. There are parts you can sing along, stuff that show the vocal capabilities of both singers, tons of guitar melodies, and parts to tap your feet along with the drums of Jaime Salazar. No matter if you are a new or old fan of the band, or just into Melodic stuff, this is an album you should check out.


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