Tuesday, October 26, 2010

SYMPHORCE - Unrestricted

This is the seventh album of the band, whose vocalist is also known for his work with Brainstorm, and this is also their first album with AFM Records. The band is playing music that shares elements from various styles of Metal, but over the years they have managed to create their personal sound. The album can be tagged as Power Metal, but, the band has managed to create music that is much more diverse than this. Melody is important here, so is catchy guitars, unique keyboards and of course, the vocals of Andy B. Franck who somehow dominates the songs often, in a way that won't mind the listener. But, there's also a complexity in the arrangements and some keyboards that might sound a bit weird for a Power Metal album, but fit perfectly with the style of the music. There are songs that are catchy, and easy to follow and sing along, but also more difficult ones, who need much more attention to get into. Now add to this, a perfect production, that points out all the details of the music, which are more than enough by the way. Escaping the narrow borderlines of Power Metal, and adding new elements to their music, Symphorce have managed to create their most intriguing and fresh album yet. And something tells me, that there's more to expect in the future.


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