Tuesday, October 26, 2010


This is the first release of the band that was formed a couple of years ago by Samoth and Cosmo, both known for their work at Emperor, Zyclon and Mindgrinder, and soon the line up filled with Nils Fjellström on drums. The band is playing a mixture of Death and Thrash Metal, all blended together in a wise way, that will leave all fans with a smile on their faces. Slow and groovy at times, speeding up when needed and always brutal and extreme, this album is a perfect debut, worthy of the talent and reputation of the band members. One of the strongest point of this album is the groove of the music, and the way that makes you move your head along with it. The arrangements are very good, and the style of the band moves from old school to more modern forms, something that makes the album interesting at all times. Some less good moments or moments where the band repeats itself, do exist, but those are not so many to spoil the fun, or destroy the good impression. A debut album with a lot of good music, something that is assured by the talent of the band members. If you like extreme stuff, do check them out.


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