Monday, November 22, 2010

MISTHERIA - Dragon Fire

One thing I like about guest appearances is that there are a lot of artists that I like into a single release. This is exactly the case here, where the original members are only Mistheria, the keyboardist, John Macaluso on drums, and Alberto Rigoni on bass. Along with them, there are five singers and as many guitarists, all well known and famous artists, that give their own trademark to each song. The style of music is Neoclassical, but since it contains enough influences as well, it's much more diverse than that. There's a song that is very close to AOR, some more complex, close to Progressive moments here and there, but always catchy, melodic and to high quality standards. The keyboard melodies dominate the whole result, but they do it in a very wise way, adding to each song, and giving depth to the music. The production is perfect, crystal clear, the kind of production this kind of music should have. Despite the fact that the album is catchy, and has enough songs to sing along and move with the rhythm, it's not an easy album. There's a lot of Classic music here, a lot of complexity, and the listener has to be a bit more cautious to reveal all the details. Great vocals, great guitars, even greater keyboards, and perfect songs. What more can you ask?


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