Monday, December 27, 2010

CREMATORY - Black Pearls - Greatest Hits

Not much can anyone add about Crematory, that hasn't already been said. So, the famous Gothic Metal German act is now releasing a pack for all their fans, and all those that want to have a crash-course to what Crematory stands for. Consisting on a double CD release and one DVD with their video clips, two live performances, a 60 minute on Wacken Open Air and a 30 minute on M´era Luna, enough backstage material, and backstage recordings, this release has all that it takes to become collector's item. Unfortunately, I didn't had the chance to see the live performances as well, since the promo pack was containing only the two Cd's, but still, it's an outstanding release. More than 30 songs, carefully picked one by one, this is a good choice for those that want to have mostof their hits gathered together into one release. Songs that vary from almost acoustic to Melodic Death, with a splendid combination of clear and brutal vocals, haunting keyboards, and crunchy guitar riffs, Crematory's melodies have a way to stick into your mind, and no matter how many times heard before, you will find yourself singing along and tapping your feet with the rhythm. There is no less good song here, and this makes this album one of those that skip button is not necessary. Add to those, the collection of all video clips, and the two live shows, and you get yourself a good deal.


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