Wednesday, January 26, 2011

LEGION OF THE DAMNED - Descent Into Chaos

The new album of the Dutch band comes as no surprise to those familiar with their sound. The band is playing 80's Thrash given through a more modern perspective, but always keeping the trademarks of the style to the maximum. First of all, the guitars are excellent, creating some of the most sharp and sticky riffs you will hear, blending wisely both old-school and modern. With a rhythm section that sounds like a perfectly oiled machine, and vocals that remind of the glorious 80's days of Thrash, this band has all what it takes to add another success to their career. Influenced by bands like early Kreator or Destruction, but also giving their personal perspective to their music, the band creates a very powerful mixture, and a distinguished sound. There are no weak points here, only music that will make you move your head along with the rhythm, either fast, or slower, from the very first to the last minute. The production is excellent, crystal clear and heavy enough, and was done by no less than Peter Tagtgren himself. What we liked on this album is that is plain and pure Thrash, with no extra stuff, the way we loved it back in the 80's, a bit more modern and refined, but without losing neither the aggression nor that raw feeling. We liked the riffs, we liked the singing and the way that the rhythm sticks into your mind. If you are into Thrash, then this album will blow you away as a good Thrash album should.


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