Monday, February 14, 2011

BUT WE TRY IT - Dead Lights

This band comes from Germany and this is their first album so far. Right from the first note, one can be sure that this is not the average band, nor this is a debut with all the good and bad things one might expect. The band is quite talented, and this album shows their talent to the maximum. Managing to blend the melody of the Swedish Death scene, with the brutality of the US Death Metal, and the speed and aggression of Thrash, they created an album which is pure fun to listen to. Blending two types of brutal vocals, with crunching guitars, sticky melody tunes, and a tight rhythm section, the band creates songs that stick into your head, from the first to the last minute. Change is constant, but happens in a fluent way, so nothing seems out of place, boring or repetitive. It's fast and aggressive, brutal and raw at times, technical and well performed, and has a catchy feeling we liked very much. The production is also very good, and puts the final details to the music. If you are into Thrashcore, or you simply like music which is complex, brutal and well performed, do give them a try. They deserve it.


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