Monday, February 14, 2011

SEVEN THORNS - Return To The Past

Seven Thorns is a band that hails from Denmark and this is is their second album so far. The band is playing melodic Power Metal, fast and catchy, the kind of stuff fans love to listen and sing along. There's tons of melodies here, either keyboard or guitar driven, and all are of top quality. Whatever a fan of the genre seeks, is here, and is done in an absolute perfect way. The songs are very good, melodic and as catchy as they should be, with excellent guitar works and keyboard lines. The vocals are also very good, staying mostly in the mid-range something that gives a bit more aggression to the whole album. Their influences from early Helloween and Gamma Ray mostly, is more than obvious, but this lack of originality is the only thing that one can find against this album. As musicians they are very good, specially the guitarist, but also everyone else as well, as compositions, the songs are also very strong and interesting, as production the music is as clear and shiny as it should be. So, if you put the originality thing aside, you have an album full of nice songs, memorable parts, a great rhythm section, and very good vocals. And this, for any Power Metal fan around, is enough. Check them out, cause they are very good.


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