Monday, March 28, 2011

EDEN'S CURSE - Trinity

This is the new album of the band, following their very good 2008 release, The Second Coming. The band is playing Melodic Metal, but with a certain attitude, something that makes their music interesting to the end. The diversity of the compositions, and the various Progressive elements that they have in their music, is something that we enjoyed most during the listening. There are songs that are fast and catchy, songs that are more mellow and songs that have a more complex structure, to make things less predictable. No matter the style though, the band is doing a great job in every aspect, from the rhythm section, to the excellent performance of Michael Eden. There are no weak moments here, nor things that sound boring or repetitive. The production is as clear as it should be, and puts the final touch to the album. It's amazing how they managed to create songs that all have a very loose pattern and plenty of room to evolve. Listen to songs like No Holy Man, featuring James LaBrie, Black Widow with Andi Deris, one can't help but notice that they are more than capable of serving both styles with quality and enough ideas. A very good cover of Rock 'N' Roll Children at the end of the album is a nice addition to the already good result. If you like Melodic stuff, this is a very good release. Check them out.


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