Monday, March 14, 2011

KATANGA - Moonlight

Katanga is a band that comes from Germany, and exists for more than a decade but this is only their second full length so far, following their 2006 debut Darkchild. Katanga is what you would call Gothic band, who have extended their music horizons, and incorporated enough Metal elements into their music. Although keyboards are the main thing here, there are moments where things are getting much heavier, and this gives a good diversity to the album. Of course, like every good Goth album, atmosphere is everything, and this is also the case here. Haunting female vocals, narrating parts, and excellent keyboards create this atmosphere, which is present from the first to the last minute of the album. The arrangements are very good, melodic and with a dark feeling, and the ease the band goes from slow to more aggressive themes, is working really well. Most of the songs are in German, something that prevented me from getting into the meaning, but somehow helped in the creation of the atmosphere I mentioned before. The production is shinny and clear enough, and puts the final touches to the music. An album that is Gothic in general, but contains enough Metal, and has a way to sneak into our minds. Check them out cause they are good.


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