Wednesday, April 20, 2011

AT VANCE: digital single for Japanese tsunami victims!

The Japanese nation has suffered a lot lately under earthquakes and tsunami. AT VANCE´s Olaf Lenk, a man who had some of his biggest success in the land of the rising sun, was shocked to hear from the catastrophe, just like so many others:
“As soon as I heard the news from the things happening in Japan I felt the need of doing at least something little that could help these people and ease the pain. Actually Rick had the idea to release a track and donate everything to Japan. As we thought of a song the Track "Tokyo" came into my mind and I thought it would suit very well. So I hope lots of people buy this one and help these people to get over this horrible situation”, comments Olaf Lenk.

Because of the usual handling time for a CD release, it was decided to make “Tokyo” available as a digital single only. Purchasable NOW on Itunes and other digital stores.

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