Monday, April 18, 2011

BLOODBOUND - Unholy Cross

This is the fourth discographic attempt of the Swedish band. I have to say that I've noticed them from their first album and they are one of my favorite Power Metal bands. So I was very curious to listen the new album after the changes that took place at the band members. Thank metal God they didn't disappoint me. They are still playing dynamic Power Metal as we knew it from their past works. Memorable guitar riffs, beautiful solos and a new singer. That's the point of the album. Patrick Johansson the ex-Silence of Down singer, gets the band to a higher level. His voice(reminds me a combination of Dickinson and Kiske)fits perfect with the energetic playing of the rest band. For the fans of the genre check it. It worths the trouble!


Review written by Nikos.

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