Tuesday, April 26, 2011

CRUACHAN - Blood On The Black Robe

Existing since mid 90's, Cruachan is the first, or maybe amongst the pioneers, that managed to blend Irish Folk music, with Metal, into a very catchy, and definitely aggressive at times, style of music. The new album of the Irish band is a deliberate step backwards to their roots, but still contains enough influences, and various instruments used in their previous works as well. On this album, things are more raw, the female vocals are much less, the music is much more brutal and slightly Blackish sometimes, something that I found really interesting. Of course, strings and folk elements do exist, and this gives an extra dynamic to their music. The arrangements are good, so is the production, the melodies are strong, and the whole atmosphere is exceptional. The music of this album is a journey through time, but a journey to a dark and dangerous forest with things that bite. Not an easy album though it contains some killer music, it takes some time for the music to work it's way through your head, but do give it a try. It's worth the while.


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