Wednesday, April 13, 2011

EXELOUME - Fairytale of Perversion

This is the new release of the band that comes from Norway, a land that has been innovative enough, and mostly known for it's Black Metal artists. But Exeloume are playing Thrash, and they are pretty good at it. With influences from the American scene, with short and edgy riffs, a very solid rhythm section, and vocals that play between Death and Thrash, this album will appeal to all fans of the genre. What amazes here is the incredible technique of the band, and their ability to create a more complex song structure, yet maintaining the same catchy and raw feeling. There are no weak moments here, nor things that could be done in a better way. It's fast, definitely aggressive, with enough tempo changes, with tons of excellent guitar melodies, interesting vocals, and full of energy. Exactly the kind of music that should be seen performed live. The production is very good, clear and powerful enough, and helps the music very much. If you are into Thrash or Death this album is one of those you might want to check out. And if you also like complexity and changes into each song, then this is one of those albums that you keep you busy for quite some time.


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