Monday, April 18, 2011

SCAR SYMMETRY - The Unseen Empire

When I heard the first release of the band, I was stunned by their ease to blend their various influences, into a mixture that most people would find interesting. The band has moved a long way since their debut, but still, all the trademarks of their music are here. The ability of the band to create music that is aggressive enough, but contains enough melodies, some of them really remarkable, excellent guitar works and some of the finest clear vocals along with brutal growls and Black-ish screams. There's variety to the songs, so the listener will not find any less interesting moments, but neither struggle between senseless progression and constant changes. Both the composing and performing skills of the band members help to that. It's really hard to define the style of the band, with the term Melodic Death Metal come in mind more often. But there's also enough Thrash here for the fans, songs with clear vocals and more catchy parts, and also some more complicated structures. One thing is certain, the album won't disappoint any fan with a good taste in music. One of those album that I would recommend with eyes closed, but with minds wide open.


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